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Taken at team retreat in Maine in May 2019
Global Digital Marketing Team Photo Taken at team retreat in Maine in May 2019
  • Marketing Request Portal

    Need an action taken? Get into our work queue by submitting a ticket in the Marketing Request Portal. Request a content label, redirect, account in a system, custom feature on the site and more. Digital Request Forms

  • Analytics

    For help with tracking your content, setting up reports and dashboards, or to join the Digital Analytics User Group mailing list, reach out via the Digital Request List under the Analytics category. Analytics Digital Request

  • Khoros/Spredfast

    Get support directly from Khoros through the help icon in the platform. You can also submit a digital request for help from the Digital team or comment in the Workplace group to learn from other users Social Admins Workplace Group

  • Training and Learning

    Need to locate training and job support resources? Have suggestions for additional resources we could provide in our areas of expertise? Contact Digital Learning Manager, jfalcao@tnc.org. jfalcao@tnc.org

  • Video

    For questions about brand standards or video production, contact: videos@tnc.org or visit the Video CONNECT page. For nature.org video upload questions, contact digitalnews@tnc.org. Video CONNECT Page

  • Email

    The Global Digital Team manages Centralized Email to ensure that TNC is sending the right message to the right supporter at the right time. Centralized Email Program

  • Taken at team retreat in Maine in May 2019

    Contact the Team

    If none of the above categories seem to apply, you can contact the Global Digital Team at globaldigital@tnc.org. globaldigital@tnc.org

  • Digital Producer, Global Digital Team

    Megan Sheehan

    Interim Director, Global Digital. Megan leads and supports the team, sets the team's goals, objectives, and vision. Megan works on big projects that impact many colleagues across departments, streamlining timelines and tasks.

  • Senior Project Manager, Global Digital Team

    Ethan Kearns

    Senior Project Manager. Ethan manages our marketing systems and leads a team of web developers, production specialists, and project managers.

  • Director of Digital Analytics, Global Digital Team

    Jenny Elliott

    Director of Digital Analytics. Jenny Elliott leads a team of analysts and technical architects who ensure reliable data collection across TNC platforms.

  • Maddy Van Tassel

    Interim Director of Digital Channel Strategy. Maddy leads a team of content managers and producers, and oversees TNC content strategy and editorial planning.

  • Associate Director of User Experience, Global Digital Team

    Laura Chang

    Associate Director of User Experience. Laura leads a design and UX team that helps TNC teams design experiences based on audience behaviors and needs.

  • Senior Content Writer, Global Digital Team

    Adam Bloom

    Senior Content Writer. Adam is the lead copywriter on the content team for webpages, articles, social campaigns, campaign concepts and pitches.

  • Manager of Digital Analytics, Global Digital Team

    Brie Holt

    Digital Analytics Manager. Brie provides guidance to TNC teams on measurement and tracking, analyzing web and social performance, data visualization and sharing.

  • Senior Digital Content and Editorial Manager, Global Digital Team

    Clemente Santiago

    Senior Content and Editorial Manager. Clemente works closely with AEM publishers on the editorial management of all TNC digital content. Contact Clemente at clemente.santiago@tnc.org.

  • Digital Learning Manger, Global Digital Team

    Jenael Falcao

    Digital Learning Manger. Jenael supports users of our digital systems by creating and/or delivering training, communications and support resources.

  • Digital Production Manager, Global Digital Team

    Lane Horter

    Web Production Manager. Lane assists the content team with webpage development, social media, site governance, and the text program. Contact Lane at lane.horter@tnc.org.

  • Digital Analytics Architect, Global Digital Team

    Leigh Ann Evans

    Analytics Technical Architect. Leigh Ann sets up and maintains the analytics on all of our websites and implements marketing pixels on our web properties. Contact Leigh Ann at laevans@tnc.org.

  • SEO Specialist, Global Digital Team

    Lindsay Mineo

    SEO Specialist. Lindsay's work ensures that people and bots can find our pages for the conservation-related searches they're doing on Google.

  • Senior Web Developer, Global Digital Team

    Mike Lewis

    As Marketing Technology Architect, Mike leads the development and the implementation of technical solutions on our marketing systems.

  • Social Media Manager, Global Digital Team

    Monica Ardaya

    As Social Media Manger, Monica manages daily output of our global social channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn) and amplifies global messaging.

  • Web Production Manager, Global Digital Team

    Peter Warski

    As Web Production Manager, Peter is involved in all digital projects through QA & testing, request management, site production, and/or providing direct guidance. Contact Peter at peter.warski@tnc.org

  • Web Developer, Global Digital Team

    Phil Winston

    As Web Developer, Phil supports the web development team with the development and implementation of technical solutions on our marketing systems.

  • Digital Designer, Global Digital Team

    Sarah Peng

    As Digital Designer, Sarah designs experiences for digital touch points, focusing on user interface, user experience design, and TNC visual brand alignment. Contact Sarah at sarah.peng@tnc.org.

  • Headshot of John Galada

    John Galada

    As Web Developer, John will develop and implement technical solutions on our marketing systems.

  • headshot of Alison Kim

    Alison Kim

    As Systems Specialist, Alison supports the implementation of new digital systems, oversees documentation of configurations and best practices, and optimizes operations involving our marketing systems.