AEM Biweekly Updates and Tips

14 January 2020

Frozen plants after a big freeze. This photo was entered into The Nature Conservancy’s 2018 Photo Contest.
Frozen Plants Frozen plants after a big freeze. This photo was entered into The Nature Conservancy’s 2018 Photo Contest. © Debbie Bradley

Hello AEM Authors!

This is the third issue of the biweekly AEM updates email series. The Global Digital team has created this email series in collaboration with your N.A publisher team with the goal of emailing all AEM authors twice a month with editorial & SEO tips and timely updates. As a reminder, we encourage you to continue to tune into author calls, check Workplace, and attend digital all calls to learn more about significant system and process changes. These emails will be much more brief and practical in nature, and will also allow us to provide updates in-between those regularly scheduled touchpoints.

In this edition:

  • SEO Tip of the Week: Why you should Google before you write
  • Component Tip: Adding a final CTA at the bottom of a page
  • Page Management Tip: Linking to your new pages
  • Event Page Tip: Reduce (workload), Reuse (pages), Recycle (language)

SEO Tip of the Week: Google before you write.

Want people to find your new article in Google? Before you write the article, open a new Google tab and search for that topic yourself. Read the pages that are showing up. Not quite right? Do another search that's closer to what you're going to write about and read those pages. Do that until the results are in line with your article - that search is what your topic is really about. (Source)

Component Tip: How to add a final CTA at the bottom of a page.

So you want to add a final CTA at the bottom of the page. Which component do you use? There are multiple ways to add a CTA on the bottom of the page, and multiple options!

  • Related Articles: Adding links to content is considered a best practice, and helps our overall goals for for site engagement. Please ensure each article does include related content.
  • General CTA (button): There are several ways to add a button CTA at the bottom of the page, but the best one is utilizing the Title-Text-CTA (C11), as it provides you more flexibility on a header and subhead, is centered text, and allows you to add a photo background if needed. Some folks have used the text asset component CTA, which is great when you place that within the main body, but not on its own. 

Page Management Tip: Link to your new pages!

When you create and publish a new page, make sure to take a final moment to think about how you are pointing people to that page from elsewhere on the website. Go back to related pages and add links to your new page.

Event Page Tip: Reduce (workload), Reuse (pages), Recycle (language).

Winter is creeping towards spring and you may find yourself thinking about all those spring event pages you want to build. Before you create a new page, consider whether you can save yourself some effort by repurposing an old page. Did you have a similar event last year that you can tweak? Re-using old event pages is also better for SEO, but your publisher may take the opportunity to tweak the old URL when you put your recycled page into workflow to get it better optimized. Think about all those page properties you could glance over rather than filling them out from scratch. 


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