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Biweekly AEM Update: February 20, 2020

Bi-weekly email series with tips and best practices for AEM Authors

Hello AEM Authors!

Here are this week’s tips and updates:

In this edition:

Style Tip: Short URLs.

What's the difference between short URLs and how do I know which one to use? We have a variety of ways to share a short URL with your audience depending on your communication method. 

  • Social media: If you're sharing a link to a page on on social media, we've partnered with to provide a custom branded shortened link: This is available in Khoros.
  • Any other digital channel (email, GPN, articles on, etc.): If you're using a channel that allows clickable links, you can use any word or phrase to link to your destination page. If you need to track how many times a link has been clicked, work with your friendly neighborhood analytics team to add tracking parameters to your URL.
  • Print (preserve signs, mailings, printed reports and newsletters, etc.), traditional media (TV, radio, billboards) and digital channels that cannot be linked (such as at the end of a video): We use custom vanity URLs for any communication channel that does not have the ability for your audience to click a link (because it's on a piece of paper, spoken in a video or on radio, or on a commercial). It's unreasonable to ask people to remember and type in long URLs, and vanity URLs are memorable, tied to your destination page, and make it easy to track the success of this non-digital message. Submit a marketing request and we'll work with you to craft the best vanity URL for your message.

AEM Authoring Tip: Manual Anchor Links.

Have you ever wanted to drive users to a different part of a page without using the anchor link tabs or the tab container component? Have you ever wanted to create a table of contents that jumps users to a different section? Want to reference a previous or future section of your page? Check out this article from Utah to see how it works, then check out this page for a step-by-step guide to authoring manual anchor links on your pages!

NEW Top Line Dashboard: January 2020. 

In order to make data more accessible, the Global Digital Analytics team is creating informative dashboards that give you a view into’s online metrics.  The first dashboard they are sharing is called, "Top Line Web and Social Metrics". It contains a high-level look at traffic and activity of as well as social media performance (note the tabs along the bottom of the dashboard).  This monthly dashboard is typically published mid-month for the prior month’s data. We first shared October 2019 in the Digital Download newsletter – and now we have October 2019 through January 2020 posted on Please reach out to the Global Digital Analytics team via the Digital Request List if you have any questions.


If you have any questions, you can reach out to Thanks!