AEM Update Email: November 20, 2020

Monthly email series with tips and best practices for AEM Authors

squash in a field of corn with a farmer in the background
Yucatan Peninsula Farmer A farmer picks squash, beans and corn from his father’s field in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. © Erich Schlegel

Hello AEM Authors!

Here are your tips and updates for November 2020.

In this edition: 

  • SEO & AEM Authoring Tips: Article Dates 
  • Writing Tools: TNC Style Guides
  • Systems Update: Luminate Online Transition

SEO & AEM Authoring Tips - Article Dates

You can now hide the article date on the page by selecting that option in the article detail properties.

  • Two general rules apply:
    • Some sort of date should appear (visible to site visitors) on pretty much every article page. 
    • The article date in the properties should be the original publication date of the page and should not be changed.
  • So what are your options?
    • Allow the article date in the properties to display.
    • OR Add a sentence at the top of the body text reflecting when the page was most recently updated Example
  • Why do we need visible publish dates on articles?:
    • Dates provide context when the article references time periods like "recently", "this month" or even "in the last decade".
    • Dates provide history, which can be especially important when communicating on time sensitive work like climate change.
    • Dates provide an archive for newsletters and other donor communications that are published on
    • Dates demonstrate progress, or sometimes a lack of progress that signifies important ongoing work.

Writing Tools - TNC Style Guides: 

Where is the current TNC Style Guidance? The most updated guidance on TNC writing style can be found on three pages on GD Central: 

  • Grammar and Usage: Use this page as guide to common grammar style questions, like when to use capitalization and the oxford comma. 
  • How TNC talks about TNC: Use this page to answer your questions about how to refer to The Nature Conservancy, individual business units, and the TNC Magazine. 
  • Nature and Conservation Terms: Use this page as a guide to writing about species and geographies, which conservation terms to use, when to capitalize indigenous (Hint: when referring to people), and a number of special cases. 

Systems Update  - Luminate Online transition 

For the latest information on the Luminate Online sunsetting and what's next for Nature News and for TNC collection forms, check out the Luminate Online Sunsetting and Transition page on GD Central. We will continue to post resources and updated information on this page (or on pages linked from this page) as it is available.