AEM Update Email: August 2021

Monthly email series with tips and best practices for AEM Authors

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Hello AEM Authors!

It’s been a hectic spring with the eCRM launch and I have let these emails slip through the cracks for a few months. My apologies! Your update for July 2021 is more than that - it is a call to action (well, two). In this edition I am asking for your help to get our Places We Protect pages updated with accessibility info and make sure all published pages on contain the new, updated Engaging Networks ( URLs. Plus a system update,  SEO reminder,  AEM Release notes, and a survey of future events. Thanks for your attention to these important items!

In this edition: 

  • Action Needed: Labeling Wheelchair Accessible Places We Protect 
  • Action Needed: Re-publishing pages updated with Engaging Networks URLs 
  • Systems Update: eCRM launch, URLs, event training
  • SEO Update: Find Broken Links and Other Errors on Your Pages
  • Release Notes: July 2021
  • Event Survey: Let us know! 

Wheelchair Accessible Places We Protect

Everyone deserves access to the great outdoors – and TNC has a number of properties with trails and facilities that allow access to folks in wheelchairs! To be wheelchair accessible, properties typically need disability-accessible parking and a firm, non-slip trail with a minimum 3ft width, and a gentle slope. If you have properties with accessible trails, we want to know about it! In cooperation with my StigmaFree colleagues, we have created a spreadsheet for you to list your accessible preserves, and – if you would like – include a brief description to add to the property details. We are hoping to establish a reliable list of TNC accessible properties – in addition to helping you get this info onto the public-facing pages. Please add yourself as a collaborator to this Box folder and fill out as much info as you can: 


  • Wheelchair Accessible Preserves SpreadsheetOn this spreadsheet, please list all of your accessible properties and whether you are okay with me adding the “wheelchair accessible” tag to the page. If you provide a brief description, I can also add that to the preserve details sidebar. For a preview of what this will look like, check out: 
    •  Tab 2: Filter Preview – screenshots show how wheelchair accessible icons, language, and filters will work
    • Tab 3: Learn more about what “wheelchair accessible” means in terms of slope, trail width, and parking facilities
    • Tab 4: See examples of how some BUs have included language on their PWP pages about their wheelchair accessibility
  • We have also included additional, optional columns on the spreadsheet Tab 1 where you can provide more detail about your accessibility features. If you fill these out, we can use these to help you add accessibility language to your preserve pages. 


  • Wheelchair Accessible Preserve Checklist – If you are unsure if your property would qualify as wheelchair accessible, or if you would like more info on what that entails, please take a look at the checklist included in the Box folder. These questions developed by StigmaFree in collaboration with experts include and go beyond the legal requirements to get at what people would really need to know in order to decide if they can successfully navigate your property based on their own situation. No two people experience disability the same way and lack of information has been cited as a main obstacle to accessing public lands. If we can provide this information, it would really elevate our efforts beyond meeting basic legal definitions to serving the populations that the laws are designed to protect. If you complete one of these checklists, please email it to me ( or StigmaFree ( and we would be happy to help incorporate this info onto your page. 

Re-publishing Updated Engaging Networks URLs on AEM Pages 

Directly following the launch of Engaging Networks, the Global Digital team ran a process to replace all Luminate Online URLs ( on pages with Engaging Networks URLs ( Any pages that were updated AND were live AND had not been modified since they were published were republished with the new URLs. However, any pages that had been published AND had been modified since they were published, were NOT republished. There are about 85 pages that fall into this category. We did replaced the URLs on these pages, but did not republish in case the edits made to these pages were not ready to be published. The owners of these pages need to review the pages and either publish so that the new URLs are visible to visitors OR unpublish and delete these pages if they are no longer needed. In the spreadsheet I have listed all the authoring URLs of the pages that need review and the program indicated in the URL path. Many BUs have pages to review and we ask that US BUs also review the Places We Protect pages for any properties that belong to your program. 

  • Step 1: Open the spreadsheet and find all URLs that belong to you. If you represent a US program, also look at the Places We Protect pages.
  • Step 2: Review your pages and either re-publish the pages (so that the new URLs are implemented) or unpublish/delete if the pages are no longer needed. 

Systems Update  - Engaging Networks is Live - Promotions OK and Training Available

Monday, July 19th we officially launched Engaging Networks as our new TNC enterprise forms platform - replacing Luminate Online for data collection. We have redirected URLs to the new URLs, and the promotions freeze has been lifted. Please replace all URLs in all places (including email signatures) and only share and promote URLs. Event page authoring is now in Engaging Networks and new authors who have completed all training and the IT account request form were permitted into the system on August 2nd. If you still need to become an Engaging Networks user in order to build event registration forms, please take the training on and submit a request form to IT

SEO Update: Find Broken Links and Other Errors on Your Pages

We use a tool called Monsido to help us find errors like broken links, 404 errors, broken images, and even spelling errors on our sites. Content owners should be receiving a weekly email from Monsido with a report on the pages in your content section. If you haven't been getting this email, please let Lindsay know so she can make sure you're properly set up!

AEM Release - July 2021

The AEM release completed Wednesday, July 14th with no issues detected. The release included: 

  • a fix to the display of the last row of article cards on stories (article aggregation) pages, 
  • a fix to how components that open in a modal (pop-up) work with the pages they are on, 
  • a file extension requirement for all AEM DAM uploads, 
  • a fix to the authoring experience for the featured number list component, 
  • C111 image mosaic component now enabled on press release pages
  • new filter - wheelchair accessible - for places we protect pages
  • enhanced keyboard navigability of the Tab Container component  

Check out the deck for more details.

Event Survey: Let us Know What You Have Planned! 

Reminder that our Event survey is still open. If your program plans to use Engaging Networks for event registration pages in the next few month (through the end of October), please give us a few quick details so that we can plan for support needs. Thank you to all the programs who have already responded!! 


Thanks all!