a frosty red leaf laying on a frost covered forest floor
Frozen Leaf A maple leaf is sugared with frost. © Kent Mason


30 January 2020 AEM Tips/Updates Email

Hello AEM Authors!

Here are this week’s tips and updates:


In this edition:

  • SEO Tip of the Week: Help Google ID Your Photos
  • AEM System Update: Coming Soon – AEM 6.4 (Upgrade)


SEO Tip of the Week: Help Google ID Your Photos.

DYK: Google is pretty good at being able to tell what a photo is without any captions or alt text... sometimes. For example, Google can tell with some accuracy that a photo of a cat is a photo of a cat. But sometimes Google gets it very, very wrong. A minor example is that Google has a very hard time telling the difference between butter and cheese (which probably matters if you write about food). A lot of the photos we use at TNC are a bit more complicated than house cats or even butter vs cheese, so we should be helping Google (and our website visitors) better understand what our photos are about. Alt texts are great but they're just the beginning! Use descriptive file names and captions, too. This helps Google find, understand, and rank our images, as well as helps people with accessibility issues "see" our amazing photos! (Source)


AEM System Update: AEM 6.4 Upgrade.

We are working on upgrading the CMS to the next version of AEM. Currently, we are running AEM 6.3 and we are in the process of upgrading to 6.4, which will go live on our production environment in late March (exact date TBD). How will this affect authoring? Not very much! Most of the enhancements are behind-the-scenes. The upgrade will include a new way to locate content using a content tree (see image below) and you will hopefully notice an improvement in the speed of search and scrolling through long lists and large folders. There will also be an authoring freeze just before go-live as we complete the upgrade and testing. That freeze should only last a few (3) weekdays and a weekend. We will provide more information once we have seen and tested the new environment and have a final timeline. 

If you have any questions, you can reach out to jfalcao@tnc.org. Thanks!