AEM Update Email: December 4, 2019

Bi-weekly email series with tips and best practices for AEM Authors

Hello AEM Authors!

The Global Digital team is initiating a new email series in collaboration with your N.A publisher team. The goal is to email all AEM authors twice a month with editorial & SEO tips and timely updates. We encourage you to continue to tune into author calls, check Workplace, and attend digital all calls to learn more about significant system and process changes. These emails will be much more brief and practical in nature, and will also allow us to provide updates in-between those regularly scheduled touchpoints.

In this edition:

  • OG Tab - Special Characters in the Title field
  • New Content: New vs. Existing Page
  • Moving an asset in the DAM
  • Image aspect ratios
  • Component glossary

Avoid Special Characters in the OG Title. 

So far, we have only seen the issue with the | (pipe) character, but when someone uses the pipe in the OG Title field in the page properties (for example, if using the title “Chesapeake Bay Oysters | The Nature Conservancy”), the social share post will not render properly – or not at all. We recommend that you avoid all special characters in this field for now, including the pipe. Apostrophes, periods, commas and accents are all still fine to use.  

Resource: Create as New Page or Update Existing Page.

Lindsay created a quick reference table to help authors and publishers decide whether to create a new page for fresh content or update and refresh an existing page. That table is attached to the email as a PDF and also available here on the global digital support site.

Resource: Moving an Asset in the DAM.

Did you know that any author can upload, move, rename, and delete assets in the AEM DAM? Unlike pages, you do not need publisher permissions to manage photos. There is a new page on the support site with guidance on how to complete these operations. When moving, renaming, or deleting a photo you will be able to see if the photo is active. Remember to never delete or unpublish an active image, or else it will result in a broken image live on

Resource: Image Aspect Ratio Chart

Our UX team has added a new resource to the support site that can help you plan for images and graphics you will use on page. For each component with the option to include an image, the Aspect Ratio chart lists the desktop specs, mobile specs, desktop aspect ratio, mobile aspect ratio, and minimum resolution for that image. The chart is hosted on InVision and linked from the UX tab of the Web resource landing page on the support site. You can also find the UI Interface Guidelines in this section, while mostly useful for developers, page three is a good reminder of how we use the different available headers.

Resource: Component Gallery: 

I have published a component glossary in the AEM Support Docs section of the support site. Each AEM component is an accordion item entry, and if you expand an item you will see a brief description of the component, which templates you can use it on, and a link to an updated visual. You can also get the full list of links at the top of the page under the accordion item "Links to updated component mock-ups for all components". This resource replaces the old Component Visual Library slide deck.


If you have any questions, you can reach out to Thanks!