AEM Bimonthly Updates and Tips

Vegetables grown in the rooftop garden of Up Top Acres in southeast Washington, D.C.
Garden Vegetables grown in the rooftop garden of Up Top Acres in southeast Washington, D.C. © Greg Kahn

In this edition: 

  • SEO Tip: Optimizing for Voice Search
  • AEM Authoring Tip/Resource: Page Properties Updates
  • GDU Resource: Campaign Tag Generator
  • AEM Outage: Saturday, March 28th 12-12:30pm ET

SEO Tip of the Week: Voice Search. 

Does voice search matter for TNC? Voice search (anytime you use Siri, ask "Hey Google", or talk to Alexa) isn't driving a ton of visits to our website right now, but that stands to grow in the coming months and years. Already 45% of people are using voice for regular searches, and 68% of those people are searching for quick facts using voice. You might have noticed we have lots of quick facts all over our website! So how do we get Siri and Google and Alexa to read back our answers? By making them as obvious as possible. This means asking the questions in headers and answering them directly immediately after.

For example:

Q: How fast does kudzu grow?

A: Kudzu grows at a rate of a foot per day.

AEM Authoring Tip/Resource: Properties Updates

We have sent a lot of communications recently around some recent changes to page properties on AEM. I can imagine that it is all a lot to keep track of! No need to save all the emails, the information on page property updates can be found on a Global Digital Knowledge Center page. We will keep this page updated with any new changes that come in the April 15th release as well. We would like to reiterate a few key reminders:

  • Lowercase letters only in URL field: When you fill out the URL field upon creating a new page (only necessary for NEW pages!), only use lowercase letters, numbers, and dashes. Capital letters will break the link and result in a 404 error. Format example: my-super-cool-page
  • Title Tag Field (SEO tab) is Showing on Page Cards: The new Title Tag field is temporarily the field that is pulling in the title on page cards. That field has a 50 character limit so check that your titles are not cut off. This will be fixed in a future release.

GDU Resource: Campaign Tag Generator.

This week, Jenny Elliott presented a GDU course on Campaign Tracking Best Practices. If you attended the course, you will have seen the awesome new Campaign Tag Generator hosted on the Global Digital Knowledge Center. You can find a snippet of the course recording where Jenny demos the tag generator on the page on Link Tagging. If you missed the call, you can catch up with the entire recording and the slide deck on the course page. If you have additional questions about campaign tags and campaign tracking, you can reach out to the Global Digital Analytics Team via the Marketing Requests Portal.

AEM Outage Notice: Saturday, March 28th 12-12:30pm ET.

There will be a brief (~30min) outage wherein AEM will be inaccessible this Saturday, March 28th starting at 12noon ET (11am CT/10am MT/9am PT) while maintenance is performed on the system.