AEM Bimonthly Updates and Tips

It’s been a while since we’ve connected. Sending this email bimonthly may have been a pipe dream, but we are going to do our best to keep these coming out as regularly as we can manage. If you are ever worried that you missed an issue, you can always check the Global Digital Site: (Bimonthly AEM Email tab). And yes, the last email went out in March!

We wanted send this update to call attention to the recent AEM release. There were lots of big changes that went in and we wanted to highlight a few (please read the deck for the rest!).

In this edition: 

  • New AEM Feature: Hide a Preserve from PWP Locator Map
  • New AEM Feature: Add MailTo link to Title Text CTA Component
  • New AEM Feature: Primary & Secondary Business Groups in Properties
  • AEM Page Properties Updates: Page Title Field functionality
  • AEM Page Properties Updates: TItle Tag Field functionality

Hide a Preserve from PWP Locator Map

You can now hide a confidential preserve from the places we protect map (where previously we recommended you simply point the pin to a nearby location). To do this, when you are editing page properties for a PWP page, set the “Preserve Status” field to “Hidden.” Hidden has been added as an option in the dropdown.

Add a Mailto Link in the Primary CTA field of C11 Title Text CTA

Mailto links can now be added to the Primary CTA Link Internal/External field in the C11 Title Text CTA component. In the field, format the link as Right now, this is only enabled in C11 Title Text CTA, but this functionality will be added to other CTA components in future releases.

Primary & Secondary Business Group

Previously, there was one business group field that was required and you could add more than one tag. The business group tag is essential for pulling analytics on a page in AEM and having more than one tag in the field created errors with automated tracking and aggregation components. In order to fix analytics and still allow the page to come up in sort and filter for two (or more) business groups, we have created a secondary business group. The primary business group will be picked up by Parsely for automated aggregation components (stories pages, automated related articles) while the secondary business groups will be found in search, sort, and filter.

Page Title Field

The Page Title field is authored under the basic tab of page properties for all page types. The page title will appear on page cards (e.g., related article cards), internal search results, breadcrumbs (where applicable), and in any component where the title is not authored directly (e.g., hero component or featured content). Keep these uses in mind when authoring this field. There is a 150-character limit.

Title Tag Field

In page properties, the Title Tag field is found under the SEO tab. The Title Tag is displayed on browser tabs and in external (i.e., Google) search results. Your title tag should be a shorter version of the page title and include high value words. It should also contain branding, typically “…|The Nature Conservancy.” The field has a 60 character limit.