Aprimo DAM

Sharing a Collection in the Aprimo DAM

Adding Users and User Groups to a Collection

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*Tasks and processes covered in this article take place in the Power Workspace, the Aprimo DAM user interface designed for uploaders and other power users. To learn about the different user interfaces and how to navigate between them, visit this page.*


If you want to make a collection visible to other users of the Aprimo DAM, or if you want to allow others to collaborate on a collection, you need to add them to your collection as users. 

To add users, open the collection you want to share and click the pencil icon to edit the collection settings. Then, under permissions, add the user or user groups with whom you want to share. Finally, set their permission levels and save the settings. 

For more detail, scroll through the step by step instructions below for how to add a user or user group to a collection.

Step 1: Go to your Collections page

Step 2: Click into the collection that you want to share

Step 3: Click the pencil icon in the top right to edit your collection settings

Step 4: Go down to the Permissions section of the settings. Under Users you can add an individual Aprimo DAM user and under User Groups you can add security groups. 

Step 5: Type the name or email of the person you want to add as a user in the user entry box. To add a user group, enter a security group (e.g., United States Field Consumers, Africa Field Contributors). 

Step 6: Select the user (or user group) and click Add User. 

Step 7: You have now added a user. By default, the user will have Read rights, meaning that they can only view the collection and cannot add or remove assets.  If you click on the Read dropdown, you can alter their permissions to “Modify” or “None.” If you choose Modify, the user can add and remove assets. If you choose "None" the user will no longer see the collection. 

Step 8: Click Save in the top right to save changes. If you don't save, the user/user group will not be added!