Aprimo DAM

Finding Assets by Business Unit

Using Advanced Search and the Browse Feature

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*Tasks and processes covered in this article take place in the Power Workspace, the Aprimo DAM user interface designed for uploaders and other power users. Advanced search is currently only possible in the Power Workspace. To save a search in the Power Workspace and have it be visible in the New UI, save the search as a Dynamic Collection. To learn about the different user interfaces and how to navigate between them, visit this page.*


You may need to find all the assets owned by your business unit in order to locate a certain item or to audit or manage your library. There are two simple ways to locate your images. Visit the article on views to learn of an easy way to return to viewing your assets.

Using Advanced Search

Step 1: Open Advanced Search

Click "Go to advanced search" to the right of the simple search bar.  

Step 2: Add a field criterion

Click "add a search criterion" to open the dropdown menu and select "Add field criterion".  

Step 3: Enter Business Group

In the pop-up window, in the text field, begin typing "Business" and select "BusinessGroup" from the prompts. Then click "Add."

Step 4: Add Your Business Unit

In the field that says No classification selected begin typing your business unit, and select the taxonomy string that contains your business unit. Select the string that begins with "/DAM/Taxonomy/Business Group/..."

Step 5:  Search and Save View

Click the orange Search button. Once on the results page, click the Save View in the top right corner. To learn more about views, visit the article on views.



Step 1: Open Classification Tree

In the top navigation bar, click on Browse.

Step 2: Navigate to Your BU

  • Click the plus sign next to "DAM" to expand the DAM node.
  • Click the plus sign next to "Taxonomy"
  • Click the plus sign next to "Business Group"
  • Click you business group OR expand your department or region node, then click your business group.
Click "Save View" icon in the top right corner to return to these results easily. Learn more about views.
To view results in the Content Workspace (or New UI) click "Save Search As" and then click "Dynamic Collection." This will save your search as a dynamic collection instead of as a view, and then it will be visible in the New UI.