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Overview of the Content Workspace (New UI), The Power Workspace and how to switch between the two

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There are two different ways that you can experience the Aprimo Digital Asset Manager (DAM) – in the Power Workspace or in the Content Workspace (New UI). You can think of the Power Workspace as the backend of the system and the Content Workspace as the frontend. The Power Workspace is meant for asset managers to organize and catalog assets, while the Content Workspace is meant for general users to easily navigate through assets. However, any TNC DAM user may find uses for both sides of the system – and anyone with an Aprimo DAM account can access either one. Let’s take a closer look at each interface:

The Content Workspace (New UI)

The Content Workspace: The Content Workspace will be the place to go for most of your asset sourcing. The landing page of the Content Workspace is organized into tiles (“Spaces”) that you can click to access groups of assets, organized by type or region. The Content Workspace is streamlined, so assets will be more prominent, versus the Power Workspace where page space was dedicated to text and links pointing to more tasks, such as exploring recently created views and launching an advanced search. The Content Workspace also makes image sourcing easier through enabled Artificial Intelligence which serves up similar images, which can be viewed at the bottom of each image profile.

The Power Workspace

The Power Workspace: The Power Workspace is generally intended for contributors who are adding and editing asset records and creating collections and views using advanced search. There are a few things that can only be done in the Power Workspace, including 

  • uploading images,
  • downloading video caption files, 
  • doing bulk metadata updates
  • and creating and exporting contact sheets 

Sharing assets, creating collections, downloading images, and general asset sourcing can all be down in the Content Workspace.

Power Workspace Only Tasks

Review what tasks contributors need to still do in the "old" UI

Power Workspace Tasks Article

How to get to the Content Workspace from the Power Workspace:

Click on the grid icon next to the Help menu in the top right corner of any screen. This will bring you to “Aprimo DAM Central.” Under “Applications” click “New UI.”

How to get to the Power Workspace from the Content Workspace:

From inside the Content Workspace, click the hamburger menu in the top left corner next to the Aprimo logo. This will open a side panel. At the bottom of the side panel, click the Power Workspace link to link back to the landing page of the Power Workspace.

You can also go directly to the Content Workspace with this link and to the Power Workspace with this link