Aprimo DAM

How to Mark an Asset for Deletion

Assets can only be permanently deleted by the Aprimo DAM system administrator, however any contributor can request that an asset be deleted. Setting the asset Status to "Request for Deletion" will make it invisible to everyone except the system administrator. The system administrator will process and permanently delete assets once weekly - so if you accidentally mark an asset for deletion - reach out immediately! 

System Administrator: Alison Kim (Alison.Kim@tnc.org)

On this page is a step by step guide for how to mark an asset for deletion. 

Step 1: Locate the asset you want to delete and OPEN the image (in the detailed metadata view, not just the preview). 

Screenshot of clicking on file name of image in Aprimo DAM
Click the File Name Click the file name to open an individual asset in detail view.

Step 2: Edit the image metadata. Click the pencil icon to enter edit mode. 

Edit Metadata Click pencil icon to enter edit mode.

Step 3: Click into the Status field entry box. Click "Edit" in the Status field to open a pop-up window with the status options. 

Edit Status Click Edit to open the list of status options.

Step 4: Select "Request for Deletion." In the status pop-up window, select the "Request for Deletion" option and click "OK" to set the asset status. Assets that are marked for deletion will be ONLY visible to the system administrator. 

Select Request for deletion Select the Request for deletion option and click okay.

Step 5: Once you have set the status of your image to "Request for Deletion," click the Save button to save the change. 

Save Metadata Once you have set the status, you need to save the changes.

Step 6: Error message. When you save, the Aprimo DAM will try to go to the last page opened, which it cannot find because the asset is removed from view. So you will see an error message. This is normal! 

If you find that you accidentally marked an asset for deletion and need to reverse that action, reach out to Alison Kim (Alison.Kim@tnc.org) as soon as possible.