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Aprimo New User Interface: The Content Workspace

A user-friendly place to navigate the TNC photo archive

a gopher tortoise hatchling pokes head through egg shell with hatched tortoise in the background
Gopher Tortoise Hatchling Gopher Tortoise Hatchling © Abby Sinclair/The Nature Conservancy

In January 2022, TNC is replacing the default user interface on Aprimo. Previously, when a TNC staff person logged into tnc.aprimo.com they would land in the Power Workspace. Starting in January, tnc.aprimo.com will point to the Content Workspace. 

The Content Workspace is a new user interface from Aprimo. It is a new way to navigate our asset storage, collect assets, download and share. 
screenshot of Aprimo New user interface landing page for TNC
× screenshot of Aprimo New user interface landing page for TNC
Screenshot of Aprimo TNC Power Workspace
× Screenshot of Aprimo TNC Power Workspace

For the average user, tasks completed in the Power Workspace will be possible - and hopefully, easier - in the Content Workspace. However, there are still some tasks that asset uploaders (contributors) will need to complete in the Power Workspace. Both user interfaces will still be available to all TNC users. 

What is changing in January: 

  •  The user interface (UI). You will find that the layout of the landing page, the search results, and asset detail pages have changed. Hopefully, you will appreciate the streamlined layouts and condensed information. 
  •  “Views” in the old UI are called “dynamic collections” in the New UI – and any views you created in the old UI are not visible in the new UI. Collections are the same and visible in both UIs. 
  •  The Basket is a new feature of the new UI. The basket is where you can save images temporarily to download or place in a collection. 
  •  Enhanced AI features. Specifically a “similar images” feature on asset detail pages. 
screenshot of Aprimo DAM showing a row of similar images on an image detail page
Similar Items: A Content Workspace Feat. Have you done a Google reverse image search? This new feature is similar. On most* image detail pages, Aprimo will show similar images in our asset library. *It takes some time to generate, so recently uploaded images will not show a similar item section. © TNC

What is NOT changing: 

  •  Your access to the Old UI (Power Workspace). At any time, you can return to the Power Workspace to view your Views, or for any other reason. 
  •  All Assets and Collections are visible in both UIs (not including dynamic collections), regardless of where you create/upload them. There is no difference between the asset availability in the DAM – it is the same DAM, just a different way of navigating. 
  •  Your permissions and access. You will have the same access you had previously and the same rules apply – any TNC staff, volunteer, or contractor can take the Asset Ethics & Usage certification and become an Aprimo DAM user. 

To help orient you to the new Content Workspace, we have put together explainer documents and video and written tutorials. These cover how to navigate the new interface, as well as how to complete tasks. 

Check out the resources below or return to the Aprimo DAM info landing page.