Aprimo DAM

Power Workspace Only Tasks

Things you can only do in the Aprimo DAM Power Workspace

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Contributors will need to continue uploading in the Power Workspace. You may notice a ‘Create -> Content Item’ option in the Content Workspace, but it currently is not configured to work with our system. Contributors will get a number of errors if they attempt to upload in the Content Workspace.

Power Workspace Uploads Queue
Content Workspace Uploads

Batch Editing

While contributors can edit the metadata of single record in the Content Workspace, updating multiple records at once and using metadata templates must be done in the Power Workspace.

Power Workspace Batch Edit View

Exporting metadata

Exporting asset metadata and contact sheets is only possible in the Power Workspace.

Power Workspace Export Options

Maintenance Jobs

All maintenance jobs can only be performed in the Power Workspace. This includes appending, overwriting and remove values from specific fields of a record.

Power Workspace Maintenance Jobs Page

Advanced Searches

Users can only access the Advanced Search page, or query builder in the Power Workspace. The Advanced Search allows users to build queries using specific field criteria. Users in the Content Workspace can navigate to the Advanced Search page by clicking on the main menu and clicking the “Advanced Search” link.

Advanced Search from Content Workspace
Power Workspace Advanced Search

Views vs Dynamic Collections

Views and Dynamic collections are both saved searches that update themselves when assets are added or removed. Functionally they serve the same purpose, however the nomenclature differs depending on the UI. In the Power Workspace they are called Views. In the Content Workspace they are called Dynamic Collections. Views are not visible in the Content Workspace and dynamic collections are not visible in the Power Workspace. In order to transfer old views over to Content Workspace, users must recreate the advanced search as a Dynamic Collection.

Views in the Power Workspace
Dynamic Collections in Content Workspace

The ‘Browse’ View

The Browse View in the Power Workspace is where you can browse for assets using Aprimo’s overarching classification structure. This view doesn’t exist in the Content Workspace but can be navigated to via the main menu by clicking on the ‘Browse’ link.

Browse from Content Workspace
Power Workspace Browse View