Aprimo DAM

How to Upload Images

up close image of saltwater crocodile face side on
Deadly jaws A saltwater crocodile photographed in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia. © Glenn Pure/TNC Photo Contest 2019

*Tasks and processes covered in this article take place in the Power Workspace, the Aprimo DAM user interface designed for uploaders and other power users. To learn about the different user interfaces and how to navigate between them, visit this page.*


Uploading assets in the Aprimo DAM is a simple process. You will use the same process for uploading a single asset as for uploading 100 assets. Assets upload in a background process, so you can continue to do work while assets are processing. After assets have uploaded, you can find them in the “Uploads” window. For larger files, such as videos, processing may take longer and it is recommended that you wait for a thumbnail to generate for the asset before you attempt to edit the record and add metadata.

1.     From the top navigation click the down arrow next to Uploads

2.      Click “Upload files...” to open an upload window

3.     Click “Select file(s)…” to open a file browser on your computer

4.     Select one or more files then click open to upload

5.     Click “To my uploads”* to view the assets you just uploaded (*you can also start by navigating to the Uploads page from the main navigation bar and clicking on the “Upload files” button).