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Digital Marketing Systems Access Guide

Which systems we use and how to get access

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: This page is a work in progress! More coming soon!

TNC Enterprise Systems

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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

  • There is no limit on AEM authors. Any TNC staff member who takes the AEM training can request an account. 

  • There are two training modules on that must be completed by anyone looking to author content on AEM. Learn more about the training and get the links here. 

  • Every AEM author works with publishers for thier region/department/team. Publishers are AEM experts who can help with "how-to", editorial, and strategy questions - as well as reviewing and publishing pages. In addition there are many job supports available to authors on the AEM Support Docs section of this site! AEM office hours are also held regularly - ask your publisher about these! In addition, the Marketing Requests Portal is always open for your questions. 

  • Every 45 days we have an AEM release where we publish updates that fix issues, enhance styling or usage of our sites, introduce new components, and so on. Those updates are shared on AEM authors calls and can be found in the release deck posted here and on connect

  • If you need an AEM account, the first thing to do is take the training and follow the instructions in the training. When you have done so, you will be directed to submit a marketing request portal ticket and a member of the Global Digital team will approve your request and set up your account permissions. 

  • Everyone with permissions in AEM will be on the email distribution list. You will also be added to our AEM authors Microsoft Teams channel. The distribution list and Teams channel are used to communicate important updates and system changes. You cannot be taken off the distro list unless you also would like to have your AEM access revoked. 

  • If you are experiencing a system-wide issue in the authoring environment, like sluggish page loading or a lack of response at, you will first want to check the MS Teams channel to see if there is a status update. If your issue is with a specific component or a suspected bug, please submit a ticket to the Marketing Requests Portal. If you need an adjustment in your permissions (such as access to another site section) please submit that to the Marketing Requests Portal as well. 


  • We ask that each Business Unit designate one person who will manage the program's social media via Khoros. TNC has a Khoros contract with limited "seats," so while we would love to open it more broadly, unfortunately we are unable to do so at this time. There are rare instances where we will approve a second seat for the same BU, particularly when that request is temporary. If you need access to Khoros, we first recommend that you establish who in your program currently has access, then decide if you will replace them. 

  • Yes! Training for Khoros is self-serve and not strictly required, but we highly recommend that you review the recordings from our KLASS series held in February and March 2022. Get started with publishing and inbox, then check out analytics and intelligence. 

  • Khoros has an extensive library of resources, and you can even request 1:1 coaching with a Khoros coach. Since Khoros is not customized the way that AEM is, we did not create customized training. We recommend that you set up an Atlas account and browse the Khoros help resources. Instructions to set up an Atlas account can be found here:


  • Submit a request to the Marketing Request Portal and indicate which account sets you will need access to (for example, if you do social for India, list all the India accounts that you will be posting on).

  • If your BU would like to start a new social media account and add it to Khoros, please reach out to the social media team via the Marketing Requests Portal

  • Yes! If you are a Khoros user, you will be added to the email list and recieve updates and invites to Social All Calls. 

Aprimo Digital Asset Manager (DAM)

  • Any TNC staff person! Anyone can take the Asset Ethics and Certification training and request an account from IT. Aprimo accounts are managed by IT, the system and assets management are managed by MAC teams. 

  • Everyone who uses Aprimo must first take the Asset Ethics and Certification training (on to ensure that they know how to properly use our assets. That 25 min training is the only required training. If you need help learning to navigate the DAM, save and download assets you can find help docs on Connect

  • In Aprimo, Uploaders are called "Contributors." We have limited contributor seats in the platform, so you will need to first submit a Marketing Requests Portal ticket and be approved to become a contributor. Then, you can take the contributor training on

  • Yes! 

  • If your BU would like to start a new social media account and add it to Khoros, please reach out to the social media team via the Marketing Requests Portal

  • Yes! If you are a Khoros user, you will be added to the email list and recieve updates and invites to Social All Calls. 



Who can Access

Training Requirements

Where can I find training?

Where are accounts requested?

Who do I contact for account help?

Distro List

Where can I get support/job aids?

AEM (Adobe Experience Manager)

Website platform (including

Any TNC staff

2 self-paced modules required for access

(Part A) (Part B)

Marketing Request Portal

Global Digital team via the Marketing Requests Portal


Social media posting and management


(1 seat per BU)

Required, recordings of recent KLASS sessions on Inbox and publishing.

As of June 21 IT Form (Connect)

Enterprise Help Desk (

Khoros Atlas;


Asset storage and sourcing (including photography)

Any TNC staff; 1 Contributor (uploader) per BU

Video training and certification required for access; Additional Contributor course required for uploader access

(General Training)

(Contributor Training)

IT Form (Connect)

Enterprise Help Desk (

Engaging Networks for event pages

Event registration pages for paid and unpaid events

Any TNC staff

Self-paced module required for access

(Event Builders)

(Event Requestors – COMING SOON)

IT Form (Connect)

Enterprise Help Desk for access issues; Global Digital (Marketing Requests Portal) for support


Marketing Request Portal for CEP Send Requests

Centralized Email Program send requests (including Nature News)

Limited (1 Nature News Editor per BU)

Unlimited for general portal access and use

Recommended 30 min recording on email request process

Marketing Request Portal (for Nature News editor accounts – general portal accounts are self-serve)

Global Digital (via Marketing Requests Portal)

Nature News Admins (