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Global Digital University

Web Accessibility 102: Maps & Visual Assets

How to use web accessibility principles to create and enhance maps and graphics.

In this session, the Global Digital UX and Design teams present an in-depth look at the Web Accessibility principles and tactics that directly apply to the design of accessible maps and visual assets.  Topics covered include:

  • why the work is important, 
  • how to meet guidelines when using colors, text, and images, 
  • what to consider when styling maps, and 
  • tools to use to determine the accessibility of assets. 

This session is designed for visual designers, map designers or anyone who works with these folks. It was led by Laura Chang, Associate Director of User Experience, and Sarah Peng, Digital Designer and recorded on January 27th, 2021. 

Presentation Materials

GDU Web Accessibility 102: Maps & Visual Assets Laura Chang and Sarah Peng detail how to create accessible maps and visual assets.

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