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Web Accessibility GDU

Web Accessibility is about inclusion and removing barriers to accessing information by people with disabilities or temporary limitations, making it possible for everyone to engage with our digital content.

It's about increasing access to information and functions, which could have a major impact on who our users are and how they experience our site.

Including all users in our work is a TNC value, but even beyond that, we know that improving web accessibility, with enhancements such as larger and clearer text, and better labeling on images and links, enhances the experience for all users. The session was held July 23rd, 2020 and presented by members of the Global Digital Team - Becky Boutwell, Interim Global Marketing Director, Laura Chang, Associate Director of User Experience, Sarah Peng, Digital Designer, Clemente Santiago, Senior Digital Content and Editorial Manager, and Lindsay Mineo, SEO Specialist.

By the end of this course, you’ll understand:

  • What Web Accessibility Means
  • What Global Digital and others are doing to ensure is accessible to all audiences
  • What it means for Marketers
  • How we can help ensure you’re creating accessible content 

We encourage everyone who touches digital content to watch the recording and review the slide deck below to learn about this exciting work. 

Slide Deck



Web Accessibility Recording Video

Web Accessibility GDU The Global Digital Team presents an overview of web accessibility and the ongoing work to make more accessible. Recorded in July 2020. Approx. 42min.