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Once you have an account in Khoros, you can login at

Khoros is behind TNC single-sign-on ID, meaning that users log in with their email and the same password used to access TNC systems, including CONNECT. Find more details here

KLASS Recordings

In February and March 2022 a Khoros Trainer held a series of courses for TNC. We recommend new users start with Publishing and Inbox, then learn more with Publishing Advanced and Inbox Advanced and Analytics. All sessions were held on zoom. The recordings are available to TNC staff via Box or on our MS Stream Channel. Contact with any questions.

  • Publishing Fundamentals

    Learn about publishing organic content and using the calendar, as well resources in Khoros Atlas. Publishing Fundamentals Recording

  • Marketing Analytics Fundamentals

    Learn about the Khoros Analytics dashboards, how to duplicate and customize dashboards, using custom metrics, and Atlas resources. Marketing Analytics Recording

  • Intelligence Advanced

    Learn about Khoros Intelligence and discover influencers, monitor industry topics, monitor trends, and learn about Khoros Atlas resources. Intelligence Recording

  • KLASS Recordings on Zoom with Transcripts

    Zoom hosted recordings with integrated transcripts. Find the links and passcodes in the box note. NOTE these recordings expire 90 days from Feb 22. Links to view recordings on Zoom

Khoros Account Dashboard

Track important metrics with the account dashboard. The Global Digital team created an account dashboard for Global accounts and pushed it out to all users so that users can access the dashboard, dupilicate, and customize for their accounts. We did this in an effort to get you up and running with reporting without having to build your own dashboards from scratch. 

You will find the general dashboard in your list of dashboards. Login to Khoros, in the top navigation select Analytics, then Marketing Dashboards. Find the dashboard titled "DRAFT - Account Dashboard (global accts). "

Instruction on how to duplicate and customize this dashboard are provided in the resources box in both written instructions online and an 11-minute video tutorial. 


API Limitations - Tasks

Khoros vs. Native Posting

Tasks by Platform

API Limitations

What is the deal with this tool?! Well, most of the walls you will run into are the result of API restrictions - not limitations of the posting tool. Each social platform (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) allows developers and third-party companies to access limited information. Khoros can only pull in information or take actions allowed by the API of each platform. For more detail, check out the article from SproutSocial on the topic of APIs. Here are their five takeaway messages: 


5 Things You Should Know About APIs

To recap, here are the five takeaways for APIs.

  1. Developers work with APIs to create software and apps. It’s rare for you, the end user, to directly interact with an API.
  2. APIs operate as a gate, allowing companies to share select information but also keeping unwanted requests out.
  3. APIs can make your life run a little smoother. When airlines share data about flights and prices, travel aggregating sites can compile them all and help you compare.
  4. Businesses are built on APIs. Sprout Social itself is an example of a software that is built on the APIs of social media networks (as is Khoros!)
  5. If you’re using a third-party app to manage your social media, it might not be the app’s fault that a feature isn’t being offered. It’s more likely that the network doesn’t have it as part of their API.

Khoros Help Docs

Here is a selection of help docs from Khoros to assist as you learn this platform. To access help docs, 1) log in to Khoros Marketing 2) in a separate tab, open, 3) click the "Marketing Customers" button, 3) if needed, create a username and agree to the terms. Once you are logged in, you should be able to follow the direct links below.

  • Article & Video: Inbox Basics

    This article & short video will help you understand the expected behavior of Streams, Collections, and Queues. Setting up your inbox will allow you to see the comments and mentions on your social channels and take actions on those items. Inbox Basics Article & Video

  • Article: Create and Edit Collections

    Collections are (quite literally) a collection of the content from multiple streams aggregated into one stream. Article on Creating Collections

  • Article: How to Filter Streams

    Article on how to filter Inbox streams in Khoros to create powerful social listening tools Filtering Inbox Streams

  • Article: How to Take Action on Items

    In this article you will learn: + how to respond to Public and Private Messages, + how to assign items to individuals and send an email notification when something is assigned, + how to dismiss inbound items & more Acting on Inbox Items

  • Article: Item Details and Conversation History

    To show the Item Details panels, you can... Click in any open area of a stream item Click on the More Actions menu and select Item Details, Click View All from within a Comment entry Click View Conversation from within a response entry. Article on Viewing Details on Inbox Items

  • Video: Creating a Marketing Dashboard

    The 3min video teaches you how to create a Marketing dashboard in Khoros (formerly Spredfast) Analytics. Watch Dashboard Video

  • Article: Creating a Dashboard

    Configurable Dashboards for Analytics allow you to create, filter, and measure your performance analytics in a manageable and visual way. TNC has dashboard templates pre-built that you can customize. Read Dashboard Article

  • Article: Filtering a Dashboard

    Knowing how to properly use and apply filters is essential for building a dashboard with all of the specific, tailored information that you need. Follow this guide to learn why and how to use filters on your configurable dashboards. Read Dashboard Filtering Article

  • Article: Editing a Widget

    Configurable dashboards can be customized further by editing widgets in several ways to create even more specific, tailored reports. Editing the display settings of a widget specifies what type of information the widget displays. Read Article on Widget Filtering

  • Article: Marketing Widget Definitions

    The list and tables containing information about Marketing widgets for configurable dashboards in Marketing. Read Article on Social Widget Definitions

  • Article: Creating a Data Export

    This article will teach you how to create a data export with Khoros Analytics. Data Exports

  • Intelligence: Getting Started

    Learn the basics of using Khoros Intelligence with this short article from Khoros. Search in Intelligence is your primary tool for identifying high-level metrics of social activity focusing on specific terms. Getting Started with Khoros Intelligence

  • Article: Searching Twitter in Intelligence

    Intelligence is the best way to find the audience you want, track your own campaigns, compare what competitors are saying, and much, much more—and it all starts with a search. Read Article on Twitter Searches in Intelligence

  • Article: Searching Facebook in Intelligence

    Intelligence is the best way to find the audience you want, track your own campaigns, compare what competitors are saying, and much, much more—and it all starts with a search. Read Article on Searching Facebook in Intelligence