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Community & Conversation

Two men standing
Guatemala Water Fund José David Díaz, Coordinador Corporativo de la Administración del Agua de TNC para la Ciudad de Guatemala junto a Mario Gálvez Castillo, gerente de Finca Los Laureles. © Jason Houston

Platform Strategy

  • members and village game scouts hold hands on their land in northern Tanzania.


    Community and Conversation. Facebook remains the world’s largest social network.

  • Image by WikiImages from Pixabay


    TNC's largest social platform. Facebook remains the most prevalent social platform for our global audiences.

  • Hikers explore the Nan Weston Nature Preserve at Sharon Hollow during a staff-guided field trip.

    Primary Audiences

    Future Fans; Outdoor & Environmental Enthusiasts; Retired/Empty Nesters

  • City lights at night in Singapore.

    Content Direction

    Given its near ubiquity, Facebook should be used for all content types.

  • Content Cadence

    Weekdays: Up to 2x/day. Weekends: Up to 1x/day.

  • Intended Actions

    1. Awareness 2. Clicks to 3. Engagements 4. Conversions

  • Media Type

    Paid Media; Owned Media; Conversational Media