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Visual Storytelling

Fish swimming around a hand
Fish swim around a hand on the lake of Ohrid, Elenkamen, Macedonia. © Mihajlo Filipovic/TNC

Platform Strategy

  • Birding at Erie Marsh Preserve


    Visual Storytelling.

  • TNC works with fishermen and communities in the Chesapeake Bay.


    Visually-rich imagery used to educate our audience about TNC's global work.

  • LEAF interns from Environmental Charter High School in Lawndale, California work at the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve in southwest Riverside County.

    Primary Audiences

    Future Fans; Outdoor & Environmental Enthusiasts

  • A southern sea otter rests and grooms in lower Elkhorn Slough, CA.

    Content Direction

    Instagram Feed: Occasional wildlife photography to generate engagement. Instagram Stories: Thought-provoking content that encourages exploration.

  • Content Cadence

    1x/day. Stories: 3x/week.

  • Intended Actions

    1. Awareness 2. Engagement

  • (Coracias caudata) photographed in Kenya.

    Media Type

    Paid Media; Owned Media; Conversational Media

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