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Getting Started With Khoros

Inbox & Publishing

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The most basic tasks in Khoros—composing, posting and replying to content—are covered in the inbox and publishing tutorials. Review the resources below to get up and running in the platform. Many of the links go directly to the Khoros help center, so you will have to be logged into Khoros to view them. If you do not have a seat in Khoros you will not be able to view these pages. If you need access to Khoros, submit a Marketing Requests ticket.

Publishing Content through Khoros

All social content for official TNC handles should be published through Khoros unless the content is not currently supported by Khoros (such as Facebook Events).

  • Khoros

    Step 1: Profile Settings

    Learn how to set up your account with an avatar, your timezone*, and notification preferences. *Timezone is critical for scheduling posts. How to Set Profile Setting

  • Step 2: Compose and Schedule a Post

    Watch this 3min video to learn the basics of creating, scheduling, and publishing a new post in Khoros (formerly Spredfast). How to Publish a Post

  • Step 3: Labeling and Tagging Posts

    Every post requires 3 labels minimum - Geographic Location, Content Type and Topic. Also, every time you point back to a TNC domain (such as you need to tag the link. See an example. Tagging and Labeling in Khoros

  • Platform Details: Posting to Facebook

    Learn about posting to Facebook, including carousel posts and scheduling. TNC posts do not require approvals. Posting to Facebook

  • Platform Details: Publishing to Instagram

    The Instagram API limits what content can be posted via third-party posters (i.e. Khoros). Basically, only posts of a single image with a max file size of 8MB. Read an troubleshoot Instagram posting. Posting Directly to Instagram

  • Native Publishing via Mobile App

    The mobile app (Spredfast Mobile) is required for posting some content, including certain types of Instagram posts. Learn more about using the mobile app to publish content natively. Mobile Instagram Publishing

  • Platform Details: Publishing to Twitter

    Learn to post, preview tweets, edit tweet previews, schedule tweets and more. A tweet may contain images, videos, URLs, and up to 280 characters of text. Platfrom Details: Publishing to Twitter

Whether They Can be Published via Platform
Social Tasks by Platform Whether They Can be Published via Platform

Khoros Inbox

  • Step 1: Streams, collections, and queues

    You can use the Khoros inbox to monitor social activity, respond to comments on your posts, schedule retweets, and more. Learn the basics of the inbox. Understanding streams, collections, and queues

  • Step 2: Add Streams to your Inbox

    Learn how to add a stream for an account or for a search term. Learn also about creating collections. Before creating new streams, look over the streams already built by TNC social managers. Streams and Collections (Video)

  • Step 3: Setting up your inbox

    This short video wlll review how to set up and customize our Inbox by adding streams, collections, and tabs. Setting up you Inbox

  • Step 3: Take Action on Inbox Items

    In this video, you will learn how to take action on inbound items by responding, assigning, and dismissing items. Inbox Actions (4min 30sec Video)

  • Advanced Inbox: Filtering Inbox Streams

    You may want to keep an eye on the mention of certain terms or filter out posts that you have already acted on. Learn about using filters in this 3 min video. Filter Streams in Inbox