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TNC YouTube Channels

TNC has both an official public YouTube channel and an unlisted channel.

The public channel is for videos that we would actively promote globally and would want to show up in the recommended video feeds for all our audiences.

The unlisted channel is for private videos that we can link to and embed on page, but which will not be searchable or show up on the public channel. These may include longer-form videos about a project in a specific chapter, or thank you videos meant for certain donors, or videos geared toward another smaller audience. 

The Video Team, a team within Global Creative Marketing, manages the channel and approves and uploads all videos for both channels. 

For guidance on video best practices, review the guidance on working with video and audio (below) at TNC. For additional resources, visit the Video Connect page or contact



  • Updated in January 2019

    Working with Video & Audio at TNC

    Review video asset guidelines, learn how to upload new video from your computer, learn how to embed responsive video on AEM, learn how to request edits to an existing video and read guidance on upload