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Social Analytics

Using built in tools in Khoros to measure social content success

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Our social media management tool, Khoros, was implemented organization-wide in Spring 2019. This tool makes social media analytics easy. You can use the Analytics console in Khoros to set up a dashboard (or several) and have customized and updated reports always at your fingertips. 

To get more detailed analytics and dive deeper into content success by topic and post type the system relies on you to properly and fully label your content strategically, and tag your links that point to

Follow this link to learn more about link tagging. 

Watch the video below to learn how to tag a link in Khoros. 


Link Tagging in Khoros Recorded in October 2019. This quick video demonstrates how to use the link tagging function when creating a post in Khoros.

Top Line Web & Social Metrics

Provided by Digital Analytics and created using PowerBI. One of the goals of the Global Digital Analytics team is to make data accessible. While you all can pull data directly, we see this type of platform-agnostic reporting as something that you share with people with whom you work, who aren't ever going to login to Adobe or Khoros, but still should have a general understanding of our basic web/social metrics.