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Social Listening

Listening sculpture
Sculptures listening through the brick wall. Image by Couleur from Pixabay

What is social listening and why should you care? At TNC we use social monitoring to understand how people talk about TNC and the issues we care about and to identify opportunities to respond through offering thought starters, answering questions or sharing our perspectives.

We recommend this 5min article from HubSpot on the importance of social listening. At the end of the article, they list 3 products to use for social listening and audience research. The beauty of Khoros, the social media management tool we use at TNC, is that it has all three of these functions built-in to one product. 

In the video below, Director of Digital Channel Strategy, Matt Whatley, provides practical guidance on how to use Khoros to conduct social listening at TNC. 

Social Listening - Social Media All Call. The July 2019 Social Media All Call led by Matt Whatley, Director of Digital Channel Strategy, focuses on conducting social listening through Khoros.