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Lupine in bloom on Smith Rancho.
Blue Lupine Lupine in bloom on Smith Rancho. © Lauryn Wachs/TNC
Page Properties Guide

Updated in September 2020 - learn how to fill out common page property fields and what they do in AEM.


Page Types and Templates on Nature.org

  • Thumbnail of example page in article detail template.

    Article Pages

    Article detail templates should be used for all story pages and any detail on topics. Best practices for building pages in the Article Detail Page Template. Article Page

  • Where We Work

    Landing Pages

    Landing Pages are built in either the Chapter/Program & Region Landing Page template or the Landings & Campaigns Page template. Landing pages are entry points for information about TNC programs. Landing Pages

  • Aggregation Pages

    Aggregation Pages are built in the Aggregation (Auto) Page template or the Aggregation (Manual) Page template. Aggregation pages are collections of related content, such as stories from a region. Aggregation Pages

  • Contact Pages & FAQs

    Contact pages are built in Contact Detail Page templates or Contact Listing & FAQs page templates. FAQ pages are built in the Contact Listing & FAQs Page template. Contact Pages & FAQs

  • Press Release Pages

    Press Release pages are built in the press release detail page template. This template is used ONLY for press releases. Press releases all live in the newsroom section of the site. Press Release Pages

  • Biography Pages

    Bio Pages are built in the Biography Detail Page Template. This template is used for creating biography pages for TNC leadership, scientists, and also to create bio fragments for external authors. Biography Pages

  • Screenshot of Hawaii preserve page

    Places We Protect Pages

    Places We Protect pages are built in the Places We Protect detail page template. Profiles of TNC preserves and other places protected by TNC are built in this template and live the the PWP section. Places We Protect Pages

  • Event Pages

    Event Pages are built in the Event Detail page template and live in the Volunteer and Attend Events section. Pages are typically invitations for the public to participate in TNC-hosted activities. Event Pages

Web Accessibility: Image Optimization

Check out the newest AEM support page! Learn how to optimize an image to make it most accessible to all nature.org audiences.

SEO Considerations!

1) How to Choose a Good URL - How to select the correct text to enter in the Title field when creating a page to form the URL. 2) Create a New Page or Update Existing? - A reference to help authors and publishers decide.

Editorial Style Guidance

More detail on matching the TNC style and voice on TNC web properties can be found on the Web landing page. Look under the Editorial Strategy tabs and UX & Design. You can also refer to the Digital Content Style Guide (on Connect).

Donor/Audience Portal Training & Support

Portal usage currently restricted to a small group of approved pilot users.