taken from water level from behind, a person stands on a small strip of island looking out at the expanse of the great salt lake under blue skies streaked with clouds
Open Container Guide

Interactive PDF Viewers

Why we advise against it

With a number of services being promoted to create interactive PDF experiences on websites - including Flipbooks and ISSUU - we have been getting more and more requests from BUs about embedding interactive PDF viewers that allow users to flip through the pages on our site with the same feel as flipping through a magazine or physical report. 

To embed an interactive PDF viewer on nature.org we would have to place it in an open container. In almost all cases we have advised against this. Here is why we do not recommend adding an interactive PDF viewer to a webpage. 

Bottom Line: We recommend that authors continue to use the visual download component or try to pull key information from the PDF into the page itself. This will always be more accessible and perform better on different screen sizes than using an interactive PDF viewer.