TNC Taxonomy

The terms we use to track, categorize, find and amplify TNC content.

melonhead whale group in deep blue water (look like dolphins)
Melon-headed whales near Palmyra Atoll in the Pacific. © Tim Calver

Taxonomy Overview

We have developed a taxonomy navigator designed to help you navigate our TNC terms. The front of the document displays the major term categories. Every term with lower level terms is clickable, which brings you to a page with the lower level terms listed. Remember, always user the lowest level terms that fits. For example, do not tag both "reptiles" and "crocodiles" because the term "crocodiles" will include the higher level terms (reptiles, animals, and species). Note: The linked taxonomy feature does not work well in PPT, so it is recommended that you do not download file. 

Tags are critical to our ability to track the performance of our content, source and locate content across and within platforms, and organize and maintain our content. 

We understand that tags can be confusing. What we call "Tags" in AEM are called "Labels" in Khoros, and in Khoros "Tags" are codes placed on the end of links. Regardless of what they are called or where they are used, if you are instructed to add a taxonomy term - a tag or label - there is a critical business reason for it. 

We are developing a GDU course to explore the reasons why we use tagging and how it can be best used in different instances and platforms. It is a work in progress and we will continue to refine both the tags and the best practices over time.