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How to Find Your Campaign Tags in Adobe Analytics

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Instructions from the Digital Analytics team on locating your campaign tags in Adobe Analytics. 

Note: You can click to enlarge each image in the guide below


In your Adobe Workspace click Add a Blank Panel at the end of your Workspace:

Select Freeform Table as your visualization:

Find the Campaign Tag variable on the left rail of the Workspace:

Drag and drop the variable over onto your blank Freeform Table:

Find the Visits metric:

Drag the Visits metric over and replace the Occurrences metric in the Freeform Table:

Hover your mouse over the Campaign Tag column to expose the Filter icon. Click that icon:

To find your campaign tags, search for your specific team code. The below example shows how the Florida Chapter could find their tags:

Click Apply to then apply that filter to the Campaign Tag table:

Adjust the date range on the right side of the Panel as you see fit: