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    Parse.ly is a content optimization platform. Parse.ly's product, Dash, parses articles on a publisher's site, and then analyzes them to identify data around metrics such as topics, authors & sections. Visit Parsely

Key Takeaways

  • Parsely is built for people who create and manage content, so it’s a smaller data set but simpler to use than Adobe Analytics
  • We still encourage the use of Adobe Analytics but have found that Parsely is better suited for the day to day workflow of content creators. At the end of the day, we want to make sure you have the data you need to make your job easier and more effective. We know Adobe can be overwhelming and hope if you've felt like Adobe was just too much for what you needed, then Parsely would be a better fit for you.
  • Remember time in Parsely is special – its recording ENGAGED time, not just "the time a user sat on a page". Engaged time is how much time someone was actively clicking, scrolling and moving around the page. It is a better reflection of engagement with our content and components. We are replacing "Time on Site/Page" as a recommended KPI and replacing it with "Engaged Time" in our own reporting/analysis. We encourage you to start thinking this way too.
  • Any questions, please feel free to submit a Digital Request. Happy to answer questions and we'll be keeping an eye on the volume of requests to decide if we should plan a proper training session.
  • Click here for a short help guide for how to use the tool, interpret the data, and links to other resources related to the tool 
  • Below, is an excerpt from the August 2019 Publishers' Call wherein Jenny Elliott and Clemente Santiago provided an introduction to using Parsely. 
Parsely Intro -Excerpt from Aug '19 Publisher Call Learn about Parsely, a tool for monitoring the success of nature.org content, from Director of Analytics, Jenny Elliott.

Parse.ly Training Recording

On February 16th a trainer from Parse.ly led a learning session for TNC. Parse.ly is a tool that provides metrics about a few of our AEM powered sites, including our flagship site, nature.org – and it is available to TNC staff! The training covered how to view conversions (a new metric in Parse.ly, tied to email signups), segments (by device or geography), social metrics (to determine success of social driving web traffic), benchmarks and more. You can view the recording here (you will have to enter your TNC email to access the recording).