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Meltwater: Earned Media Reporting Tool

Meltwater How-Tos

How to do some common, important media relations tasks in Meltwater.

How to: Create an Automated Daily Report 

Anyone with access can create a daily report with up to 28 inputs (searched). 

After logging into Meltwater, from the home page:

  1. In the lefthand navigation, click the arrow next to Report
  2. Click Digest Reports
  3. Click the magenta (pink/purple) Create Report button in the top right-hand corner
  4. Give your report a custom name, select the search(es) for the report, adjust display and sort settings, select email addresses to recieve the report, then set the timing and frequency - and Save
Screenshot of the Meltwater home page with "Digest Reports" circled in red in the left sidepanel
Step 1: Click Digest reports Find "Digest reports" in the left side panel navigation.
Screenshot of the Meltwater digest report screen with the "Create Report" button circled in red.
Step 2: Click Create Report From the digest reports screen, find the magenta Create Report button in the top right corner and click the button.

How to Add Mentions of TNC to your Keyword Search

In Meltwater, most searches have been set up without filtering by mentions of TNC.  You may also want to build your new searches without mentions of TNC to get a handle on where the conversation is on a topic. However, you may then want to add in mentions of TNC to understand our share of that conversation. There is an easy way to toggle on and off for your keywords to mention or not mention TNC.

A custom category has been created called TNC that you can toggle on and off as a filter in Explore. Now you can look at overall results for keywords with and without mention of TNC. 

Toggling On and Off TNC Mentions

  1. From inside your search, below the search box, click the filter dropdown labeled "Custom categories
  2. Find the "TNC (Include in results)" checkbox. Check the box to include TNC mentions or uncheck the box to remove TNC mentions from search results. 
Screenshot of Meltwater search screen in Explore with Custom Categories selected and a green box shown around the "TNC" checkbox.
Include or Remove TNC Mentions To include mentions of TNC in your search, click Custom Categories dropdown and then check the "TNC" checkbox. Uncheck this box to remove mentions.

All About Meltwater at TNC

Get the details and guidelines for all TNC Meltwater users.

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